The developer console is a text-based interface accessible within Sapien, in H1CE if enabled, and in the H1A standalone build. It allows you to enter "commands" and Halo Script in order to visually troubleshoot and test level content and game systems like the renderer, physics engine, and AI.

Not all functions and globals are available in all contexts -- for example, the radiosity_* commands used to build lightmaps can only be found in Sapien. Others may be present in the command list, but only have an effect in Sapien or the H1A standalone build.


The console is opened and closed with the ~ (tilde) key, usually found above Tab on a US keyboard. The console is enabled in Sapien and H1A standalone, but to use the console in H1CE you must either launch the game with the -console argument (and optionally -devmode to access cheat commands, which will disable multiplayer) or use a mod like Chimera which can enable these features for you while retaining multiplayer functionality. For Sapien, ensure the Game window is focused first.

Commands are then entered into the console by providing their name, then their argument(s) separated by spaces:

; You do NOT need to enclose the command in parentheses
cheat_super_jump 1
physics_set_gravity 0.5 ;h1a only
units_set_current_vitality (players) 75 75

Keys you should know are:

  • Press Enter to run a command once inputted.
  • Press Tab to see completions of partially-entered functions and global names.
  • Use Right Click to paste clipboard contents into the console.
  • H1A tools support the Home and End keys to move the cursor to the start and end of the line.

Helpful commands:

  • help <function name> to get argument information.
  • cls for clearing output from the screen.


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Conscars (Documenting developer mode functions)