Map cache file

A map, also known as a cache file, is a bundle of compiled tags which can be loaded and used by Halo. With the exception of resource maps, each map represents a playable campaign, multiplayer level, or main menu.

As the name cache suggests, these files are intended to be loaded directly into Halo's memory at a fixed address with no further processing of data needed. The files contain pre-calculated pointers

Maps are found in Halo's maps directory. Maps in subdirectories are not loaded by the game. Mods like Chimera and HAC2 store downloaded maps in a separate location and force the game to load them regardless.

Map types #

Multiplayer #

The most common type of map, these were compiled with a scenario type of "multiplayer". Multiplayer maps can be loaded through the ingame menu or with the command sv_map. Loading a multiplayer map using map_name will trap the player in the level without the ability to use the menu.

Singleplayer #

Singleplayer/campaign maps can be compiled by setting the scenario's type to "singleplayer". Besides via a modded, campaign maps can then be loaded with map_name.

UI #

The special contains resources for the game's main menu, including bitmaps for its UI elements like the server browser and the Halo ring background.

The HEK supports the creation of custom UI maps. Custom UI maps which intend to add a campaign menu to Custom Edition must include a dummy first menu item since the game is hardcoded to remove it.

Resource maps #

The maps,, and are special resource maps, and contain commonly referenced tags which do not need to be duplicated within each playable map referencing them. Instead, these shared tags are excluded by tool at map compilation time (seen as "cache hits" in its output). Compiling custom resource maps from tagshow? can be an effective way to reduce the net filesize of a campaign overhaul mod.

Open Sauce .yelo maps #

Maps with the extension .yelo can only be played using a game client running the OpenSauce mod, which extends Halo's engine with new tag types, higher limits, and extra renderer features. These maps are typically custom campaign missions specifically designed to take advantage of these extensions.

Invader/Chimera compressed maps #

Note that Chimera's downloaded map files, or Invader-compressed maps, use a custom compressed format which is not backwards compatible with the base game or other mods despite sharing the .map extension.


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Masterz1337 (Context on OpenSauce capabilities)