Project Bluestreak is a suite of import and export scripts for 3ds Max v5+ and Gmax v1.2. It consists of:

  • GBXModel Importer for bringing rigged models into Max.
  • JMS (Model) Exporter, for exporting level and object JMS files.
  • Animation Importer, which can also export animations.

Bluestreak supports more capabilities than both Chimp and Blitzkrieg and still works with modern versions of 3ds Max since it is MaxScript-based. However, it does not support exporting region models with multiple regions.

Users working with the H1A-EK can also take advantage of the FBX to JMS and JMA pipeline in Tool by exporting their scene to FBX, as an officially-supported alternative to using Bluestreak scripts.


From Max's menu, use MAXScript > Run Script to select a downloaded .ms file.

Further usage instructions can be found embedded as comments within the MaxScript files themselves.