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Tool, or sometimes called tool.exe, is a command line utility used to compile data into tags, and tags into maps. It is part of the HEK.

Structure compilation #

A JMS file containing level geometry can be compiled into a scenario_structure_bsp using the structure subcommand. For example:

# structure <scenario-directory> <bsp-name>
tool.exe structure levels\\a30 a30_a

For the example above, Tool would expect to find a corresponding JMS file at data\levels\a30\models\a30_a.JMS. Assuming no errors, it would be compiled into tags\levels\a30\a30_a.scenario_structure_bsp.

Structure compilation converts the raw polygon and materials data from the JMS into data structures which are more efficient for Halo to use during rendering, collision tests, and AI pathfinding among other tasks. Note that lightmaps are not produced during this step, but rather with the lightmaps subcommand.

Lightmaps #