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OpenSauce (often just "OS") is a mod for Halo Custom Edition and its editing kit. It enhances the in-game experience with customization and engine extensions, but also offers modified versions of the HEK tools for more extensive modding of the game. It is mostly used as the base for experimental maps and singleplayer overhaul mods like CMT's SPV3.

OpenSauce is incompatible with Chimera. Attempting to use both at the same time will result in crashes or a white screen when launching the game.




New tag types

These extended tag types are specific to OpenSauce .yelo maps and are only supported by the OpenSauce mod:

Group ID Tag name
avti actor_variant_transform_in
avto actor_variant_transform_out
avtc actor_variant_transform_collection
efpp effect_postprocess
efpc effect_postprocess_collection
efpg effect_postprocess_generic
eqhi equipment_hud_interface
magy model_animations_yelo
unic multilingual_unicode_string_list
yelo project_yellow
gelo project_yellow_globals
gelc project_yellow_globals_cv
shpp shader_postprocess
shpg shader_postprocess_generic
sppg shader_postprocess_globals
sidy string_id_yelo
tag+ tag_database
sily text_value_pair_definition

Game features

Note that OpenSauce uses the filename initc.txt for init scripts instead.

Crash reports can be found in <DRIVE>:\Users<USER>\Documents\My Games\Halo CE\OpenSauce\Reports.