The Reclaimers Library

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"This installation's research facilities are most impressive! Perhaps we'll have time to see them later."

Welcome to The Reclaimers Library, a project which aims to document and centralize the immense tribal knowledge of the Halo: Combat Evolved modding community. We cover engine details, the Halo Editing Kit, community tools, and guides for custom content creation.

Why mod Halo?

Modding is the modification of a game by its players. This can include unofficial bug fixes, new content, and changes to existing content.

Halo's 2001 engine may not not as flexible as modern general purpose engines like Unity, Source, Creation Engine, and Unreal, but this is actually one of it's strengths. Rather than having to start from scratch or assemble disparate game systems and assets, Halo providers the foundation for a sandbox shooter where you can scale your involvement.

Dip your toes in with simple modifications to existing maps, or build a complete custom content overhaul. Most game systems are highly data-driven by Halo's unique tags system, so no coding required! Halo's retro art style means you can focus on fundamentals; maps and other custom assets don't require high visual fidelity. The game lends itself well to hobby modding or as a gateway into other engines.

One of the the best parts is connecting with creative, passionate fans and sharing your nostalgia for a great game. Knowledge sharing and collaborative work are staples of this community.