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Welcome to c20, a project which aims to document the immense tribal knowledge of the Halo 1 modding community, focusing primarily on Halo: Custom Edition. C20 will cover engine details, the Halo Editing Kit, community tools, and guides for custom content creation.

This resource is still a work in progress, so expect improvements over time.

What is modding? #

Modding is the modification of a game by its players. This can include unofficial bug fixes, new content, and changes to existing content.

Why mod Halo? #

Halo 1 was released in 2001 and has a relatively small player base, especially outside MCC. Major engines like Unity, Source, Creation Engine, and Unreal have larger communities, more tooling, and more features. Why might someone choose to mod Halo 1?

  • Halo's retro art style means you can focus on fundamentals; maps and other custom assets don't require high visual fidelity. The game lends itself well to hobby modding, or as a gateway into more feature-rich engines.
  • Halo's engine is highly data-driven by its tags system, which can be used to customize nearly any aspect of the game. Make basic twists on gameplay, author entirely new singleplayer campaigns, or follow your interests on anything in-between. It may not be as powerful as modern engines, but it still offers plenty of customization within Halo's limits.
  • Tags and Halo's existing system make it quick and easy get content in-game. Some other engines require a lot of work to build a playable shooter as a base.
  • It's an opportunity to connect with others who share your interests or nostalgia for a great game. Knowledge sharing and collaborative work are staples of this community.