Blitzkrieg is the legacy 3ds Max to JMS and animation data exporter plugin which shipped with the original HEK for H1CE in 2003.

The plugin does not support vertex weights needed for character animations and only works on Max versions 5-8. Many Max users later opted to use the community-made Bluestreak exporter instead which could also be used with the free Gmax or newer Max versions.

The H1A-EK does not include a Blitzkrieg equivalent for modern versions of 3ds Max but rather implemented an FBX to JMS and JMA process into Tool. Max can export scenes to FBX format to take advantage of this.

Given that Blitzkrieg is very old and modern alternatives exist (even using Blender), you probably don't want to be using it. This page only documents it for posterity.


To install the Blitzkrieg plugin for 3ds Max do the following:

  1. Close Max if it is already running.
  2. Copy the file Blitzkrieg.dle from the blitzkrieg\MAX5 directory where the HEK is installed.
  3. Place the Blitzkrieg.dle file into the Max plugins directory wherever Max is installed, e.g. C:\3dsmax5\plugins.
  4. Start Max.

If the plug in was successfully installed and loaded then you should be able to go to File > Export and see the following export options under Save as type in the pull down menu (scroll down the list): "Blitzkrieg Animation Exporter" and "Blitzkrieg Model Exporter".