Guides hub

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Welcome to the guides hub! Here you'll find links to various guides ranging from basic map-making to more advanced topics. This hub is a work in progress and will grow over time. Until it is more complete, we recommend the official HEK tutorial as a starting point.

Research techniques

Modding knowledge tends to be pretty spread out, and the official HEK tutorial covers only the most basic map-making process. While this library, community tutorials, and chat channels help to fill the gaps, there often isn't specific information available. Some techniques you can use to find answers are:

Use the community

With Halo's long history of modding, odds are someone has at least talked about what you need. Try searching for past discussions on community websites and Discord channels and asking for help. Authors of well-known maps, tags, tools, and assets may be available to contact directly and explain their techniques.

Learn by example

Are there any existing maps which do what you need? Extracting tags with Refinery is a great way to understand existing solutions which may not be documented in tutorial format, but are nonetheless available to study.

Tag data analysis and manipulation

Many tag fields are still poorly understood. Using Reclaimer, tags can be analyzed in bulk and edited programmatically to get a better idea of how changes affects the game.