H3 level creation hub

This page will serve as the hub for level creation guides. While some of these guides are intended for Blender users, some pages may still be useful to the end user regardless of the 3D software being used.

Understanding the data directory

Data directory

In this section we will be covering how to setup proper folder structures for our assets in the H3EK data folder. This section does not cater to a specific 3D software and can be read by anyone.

Blender modeling

Blender preparation

Preparing your Blender scene

The next section will cover the common settings you should mess with when working in Blender. If you already have a solid grasp of what you should configure in Blender then go ahead and skip this section.

Level creation - Beginner

Level creation - Beginner

The next section will show the user how to create a simple box level that can be imported in Halo to make a valid level. Skip this section if you already have a solid grasp on modeling and setting up a valid scene for Halo or are using the example level file provided in the Blender preparation section.

Level creation - Exporting

Level creation - Exporting

This next section will cover how to export a properly made mesh from Blender using the Halo Asset Blender Development Toolset. Be sure to review the material in the Level creation - Beginner or have the example level file provided in Blender preparation at the ready.

Level creation - Additional Info

Level creation - Additional Info

This final section will cover additional info on features mappers can implement into their maps. Only read this section if you understand the previously listed material.


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • General_101 (Writing this page.)