We haven't fully covered the placement of player spawn points on c20 yet aside from some basics. See the classic HEK tutorial.

Troubleshooting "waiting for space to clear"

The bounding radius of this custom turret vehicle is so high red team could not spawn in CTF.

Players who are unable to spawn will see the message "waiting for space to clear" with the camera at (0, 0, 0). Assuming you've placed spawn points, this has a variety of possible causes to check:

  • No spawn points include the game mode you're playing on. Make sure their types aren't all set to none.
  • You may be loading the level in singleplayer mode by accident. See here for help launching a level depending on your target game.
  • If CTF, you may have placed the flags on the wrong side of the map which can disable spawn points.
  • There is an insufficient number of spawn points and players are blocking them all, or the map is too small.
  • You may have custom objects in the level whose bounding radius is too high. The game will consider spawn points within this radius to be blocked.