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Structure and fields

Field Type Comments
collection type enum
Option Value Comments
screen facing 0x0
viewer facing 0x1
global z offset float
sprite plate

TagDependency: bitmap

  • Non-null
types Block
  • HEK max count: 16
Field Type Comments
name TagString
Field Type Comments
buffer char[32]
sequence index uint8
flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
unused a 0x1
unused b 0x2
interpolate color in hsv 0x4
more colors 0x8
first sprite index uint8
  • Cache only
sprite count uint8
  • Cache only
color override factor float
  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1
near fade distance float
  • Unit: world units
far fade distance float
  • Unit: world units
size float
  • Unit: world units per pixel
minimum color ColorRGB
Field Type Comments
red float
green float
blue float
maximum color ColorRGB?
ambient color ColorARGBInt

RGB Color with alpha, with 8-bit color depth per channel (0-255)

Field Type Comments
alpha uint8
red uint8
green uint8
blue uint8


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