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Structure and fields

Field Type Comments
anchor enum
Option Value Comments
top left 0x0
top right 0x1
bottom left 0x2
bottom right 0x3
center 0x4
anchor offset Point2DInt
Field Type Comments
x int16
y int16
width scale float
height scale float
scaling flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
don't scale offset 0x1
don't scale size 0x2
use high res scale 0x4
single player font TagDependency: font
multi player font TagDependency: font
up time float
fade time float
icon color ColorARGB
Field Type Comments
alpha float
red float
green float
blue float
text color ColorARGB?
text spacing float
item message text TagDependency: unicode_string_list
icon bitmap TagDependency: bitmap
alternate icon text TagDependency: unicode_string_list
button icons Block
  • HEK max count: 18
Field Type Comments
sequence index uint16
width offset int16
offset from reference corner Point2DInt?
override icon color ColorARGBInt

RGB Color with alpha, with 8-bit color depth per channel (0-255)

Field Type Comments
alpha uint8
red uint8
green uint8
blue uint8
frame rate int8
flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
use text from string list instead 0x1
override default color 0x2
width offset is absolute icon width 0x4
text index uint16
hud help default color ColorARGBInt?
hud help flashing color ColorARGBInt?
hud help flash period float
hud help flash delay float
hud help number of flashes uint16
hud help flash flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
reverse default flashing colors 0x1
hud help flash length float
hud help disabled color ColorARGBInt?
hud messages TagDependency: hud_message_text
objective default color ColorARGBInt?
objective flashing color ColorARGBInt?
objective flash period float
objective flash delay float
objective number of flashes uint16
objective flash flags bitfield?
objective flash length float
objective disabled color ColorARGBInt?
objective uptime ticks uint16
objective fade ticks uint16
top offset float
bottom offset float
left offset float
right offset float
arrow bitmap TagDependency: bitmap
waypoint arrows Block
  • HEK max count: 16
Field Type Comments
name TagString
color ColorARGBInt?
opacity float
translucency float
on screen sequence index uint16
off screen sequence index uint16
occluded sequence index uint16
flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
dont rotate when pointing offscreen 0x1
hud scale in multiplayer float
default weapon hud TagDependency: weapon_hud_interface
motion sensor range float
motion sensor velocity sensitivity float
motion sensor scale float
default chapter title bounds Rectangle2D
Field Type Comments
top int16
left int16
bottom int16
right int16
hud damage top offset int16
hud damage bottom offset int16
hud damage left offset int16
hud damage right offset int16
hud damage indicator bitmap TagDependency: bitmap
hud damage sequence index uint16
hud damage multiplayer sequence index uint16
hud damage color ColorARGBInt?
not much time left default color ColorARGBInt?
not much time left flashing color ColorARGBInt?
not much time left flash period float
not much time left flash delay float
not much time left number of flashes uint16
not much time left flash flags bitfield?
not much time left flash length float
not much time left disabled color ColorARGBInt?
time out flash default color ColorARGBInt?
time out flash flashing color ColorARGBInt?
time out flash flash period float
time out flash flash delay float
time out flash number of flashes uint16
time out flash flash flags bitfield?
time out flash flash length float
time out flash disabled color ColorARGBInt?
carnage report bitmap TagDependency: bitmap
loading begin text uint16
loading end text uint16
checkpoint begin text uint16
checkpoint end text uint16
checkpoint sound TagDependency: sound


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Kavawuvi (Invader tag definitions)
  • MosesOfEgypt (Tag structure research)