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Structure and fields #

Field Type Comments
virtual keys Block?
Field Type Comments
keyboard key enum
Option Value Comments
1 0x0
2 0x1
3 0x2
4 0x3
5 0x4
6 0x5
7 0x6
8 0x7
9 0x8
0 0x9
a 0xa
b 0xb
c 0xc
d 0xd
e 0xe
f 0xf
g 0x10
h 0x11
i 0x12
j 0x13
k 0x14
l 0x15
m 0x16
n 0x17
o 0x18
p 0x19
q 0x1a
r 0x1b
s 0x1c
t 0x1d
u 0x1e
v 0x1f
w 0x20
x 0x21
y 0x22
z 0x23
done 0x24
shift 0x25
caps lock 0x26
symbols 0x27
backspace 0x28
left 0x29
right 0x2a
space 0x2b
lowercase character i16
shift character i16
caps character i16
symbols character i16
shift caps character i16
shift symbols character i16
caps symbols character i16

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