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If you are looking for multiplayer armor colors, see here.

Structure and fields #

Field Type Comments
flags bitfield(32)
Flag Mask Comments
can shoot while flying 0x1
interpolate color in hsv 0x2
has unlimited grenades 0x4
moveswitch stay w friends 0x8
active camouflage 0x10
super active camouflage 0x20
cannot use ranged weapons 0x40
prefer passenger seat 0x80
mcc actor type enum

Used for kill scoring and achievements in MCC.

  • Only applicable to the following engine versions: mcc.
Option Value Comments
brute 0x0
grunt 0x1
jackal 0x2
skirmisher 0x3
marine 0x4
spartan 0x5
drone 0x6
hunter 0x7
flood infection 0x8
flood carrier 0x9
flood combat 0xa
flood pure 0xb
sentinel 0xc
elite 0xd
huragok 0xe
mule 0xf
turret 0x10
mongoose 0x11
warthog 0x12
scorpion 0x13
hornet 0x14
pelican 0x15
revenant 0x16
seraph 0x17
shade 0x18
watchtower 0x19
ghost 0x1a
chopper 0x1b
prowler 0x1c
wraith 0x1d
banshee 0x1e
phantom 0x1f
scarab 0x20
guntower 0x21
spirit 0x22
broadsword 0x23
mammoth 0x24
lich 0x25
mantis 0x26
wasp 0x27
phaeton 0x28
watcher 0x29
knight 0x2a
crawler 0x2b
movement type enum
Option Value Comments
always run 0x0
always crouch 0x1
switch types 0x2
initial crouch chance f32
  • Maximum: 1
crouch time f32 (seconds) (min & max)
run time f32 (seconds) (min & max)
maximum firing distance f32 (world units)
rate of fire f32
projectile error Angle: f32
first burst delay time f32 (seconds) (min & max)
new target firing pattern time f32 (seconds)
surprise delay time f32 (seconds)
surprise fire wildly time f32 (seconds)
death fire wildly chance f32
  • Maximum: 1
death fire wildly time f32 (seconds)
desired combat range f32 (world units) (min & max)
custom stand gun offset
  • i: f32
  • j: f32
  • k: f32
custom crouch gun offset
  • i: f32
  • j: f32
  • k: f32
target tracking f32
  • Maximum: 1
target leading f32
  • Maximum: 1
weapon damage modifier f32
damage per second f32
burst origin radius f32 (world units)
burst origin angle Angle: f32
burst return length f32 (world units) (min & max)
burst return angle Angle: f32
burst duration f32 (seconds) (min & max)
burst separation f32 (seconds) (min & max)
burst angular velocity Angle: f32 (degrees per second)
special damage modifier f32
  • Maximum: 1
special projectile error Angle: f32
new target burst duration f32
new target burst separation f32
new target rate of fire f32
new target projectile error f32
moving burst duration f32
moving burst separation f32
moving rate of fire f32
moving projectile error f32
berserk burst duration f32
berserk burst separation f32
berserk rate of fire f32
berserk projectile error f32
super ballistic range f32
bombardment range f32
modified vision range f32
special fire mode enum
Option Value Comments
none 0x0
overcharge 0x1
secondary trigger 0x2
special fire situation enum
Option Value Comments
never 0x0
enemy visible 0x1
enemy out of sight 0x2
strafing 0x3
special fire chance f32
  • Maximum: 1
special fire delay f32 (seconds)
melee range f32 (world units)
melee abort range f32 (world units)
berserk firing ranges f32 (world units) (min & max)
berserk melee range f32 (world units)
berserk melee abort range f32 (world units)
grenade type enum
Option Value Comments
human fragmentation 0x0
covenant plasma 0x1
trajectory type enum
Option Value Comments
toss 0x0
lob 0x1
bounce 0x2
grenade stimulus enum
Option Value Comments
never 0x0
visible target 0x1
seek cover 0x2
minimum enemy count u16
enemy radius f32 (world units)
grenade velocity f32 (world units per second)
grenade ranges f32 (world units) (min & max)
collateral damage radius f32 (world units)
grenade chance Fraction: f32
  • Maximum: 1
grenade check time f32 (seconds)
encounter grenade timeout f32 (seconds)
grenade count u16 (min & max)
don't drop grenades chance f32
  • Maximum: 1
drop weapon loaded f32 (fractions of a clip) (min & max)
  • Maximum: 1
drop weapon ammo u16 (rounds) (min & max)
body vitality f32
shield vitality f32
shield sapping radius f32 (world units)
forced shader permutation Index: u16
change colors Block?
Field Type Comments
color lower bound
  • red: f32
  • green: f32
  • blue: f32
color upper bound
  • red: f32
  • green: f32
  • blue: f32

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