Scenery are static objects placed within maps that are not part of the BSP. They are Halo CE's implementation of instanced geometry. Some examples of scenery include rocks, trees, crates, crashed pelicans, and particle emitters.

Scenery is placed using Sapien and belongs to the scenario, with each scenery implicitly belonging to a particular BSP.

While scenery can be animated and have moving collision models, they do not have physics like vehicles and other moving units.


While thousands of scenery can be placed in a map, the unmodified Game engine only supports rendering at most 256 at any given time. This limit can be increased to 512 using OpenSauce and 1024 with other mods like Vulpes.


Because these objects are non-moving, they cast shadows and emit light in lightmaps. A scenery's collision is used to cast shadows, not its model.

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